TUW - MGA Management System

TUW is an integrated management system that provides a complete solution for an MGA/MGU office

TUW offers a system with accounting, quoting, policy issuance, insured and broker data management, and reporting all in one integrated package to address the needs of an MGA office.

TUW - MGA Management System

TUW Integrated Components

IntelliQuote Rating and Underwriting

  • Customizable data collection for manual grid rating.
  • Programmed rating is available for standardized automated rating.

Automated Bordeaux & Lloyd's Lineage Upload

  • Full Reporting capability including customizable and carrier approved Bordereaux Reports
  • Eliminate manual entry to Lloyd’s Lineage with TUW’s Lloyd’s Lineage Upload Tool
  • CUBE Reporting using Microsoft Power BI for report building (coming soon)

Customized Quote and Dec Page Issuance

  • Multi-language policy issuance for new Business, Renewal, Endorsement, and Cancellation Dec pages.
  • All documents in PDF format for E&O security.
  • Mass emailing of policy documents.

Integrated Accounting and Reporting

  • Broker Billing.
  • Policy Number Management.
  • Multi Currency Capabilities.
  • Subscription policies, split commissions and policy fees included.

Claims Management

Our Claims Management allows underwriters to fully control the entire claims workflow while saving time and money. With full integration into TUW, Claims Management reduces paperwork and makes your claims processing run smoother, faster, and with fewer errors.

  • Track Reserves and claims payments.
  • Build claims bordereaux reports.
  • Claims document management.

Renewal Manager

Bulk Renewal Processing and Automated Email for MGAs:

  • Use Powerful Rules and Conditions 
  • Generate Automatic Renewals
  • Set up Automated Bulk Email Delivery
  • Email Renewal Dec Pages

Create Renewal Manager Templates based on:

  • Policy type
  • Region 
  • Company 
  • Rating engine

Why MGAs Thrive with TUW

All-In-One Solution

Everything an MGA needs to thrive including integrated quoting and underwriting.

Cloud Hosted

Access your software in a secure, stable and flexible cloud environment. Automatic updates ensure you get the latest features and most accurate quoting.

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Powered by the cutting-edge technology of the Rival Platform.

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