RPM is coming July 1, 2024!

The AI-Powered Platform & Marketplace for Brokers and MGAs

The Rival Platform & Marketplace, or RPM, is a revolutionary AI-driven web application for brokers and MGAs. RPM sits on top of your current system providing you with AI tools, new opportunities, and actionable data-driven insights.

Meet the world’s first Insurance Intelligence Platform

RPM is a groundbreaking, AI-driven web application for Brokers and MGAs. It’s an open, intelligent platform and marketplace that communicates with the BMS (Rival and other vendors) making it the first enterprise solution tailored for both aggregators and independent brokerages. RPM offers a new solution for brokers of all sizes to access the power of AI, setting a new standard for the future.

New Intuitive UI that Works Seamlessly on any Device

Menus and toolbars are so 5 years ago! RPM features a new intuitive UI with a minimal learning curve, and is powered by an intelligent AI search. It works flawlessly wherever you happen to be working and it comes in a beautiful dark or light theme.

Data Driven, Actionable Journal Tells You What You Need to Know

The journal feature automatically populates relevant business insights providing you with actionable information on your Activities, Renewals and Remarketing, Opportunities, Claims and Policies. Change the parameters in realtime, whether you want to view an individual, team, department or your entire organization.

Insights to Inform Your Business and Connections to Grow It

Get valuable Insights specific to your business – generated from around the web and intelligently from your business data. View and act on Connections made through the Store as you grow your business.

A Store to Find and Connect With the Products You Need

The RPM Store connects retail brokers and MGAs, as well as products from Rival partners and third parties, facilitating seamless partnerships and new opportunities.

All of Your Apps Ready to Launch in One Place

Our platform stores and launches apps that are vital to your workflow, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. This includes everything from Rival apps to third party apps from Rival partners.

The Future is RPM

Active, AI system built for natural language processing

Open architected, flexible, and partner friendly

Data you control that works intelligently for you

Works seamlessly on any device

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