The Rival Platform

Flexible, AI Driven: Introducing The Rival Platform

At Rival, we’re building a new AI driven platform providing MGAs and brokers next-generation flexible solutions for how insurance products are delivered to customers.​

The Rival Platform

A proactive broker management system offering AI driven suggestions and assistance to help brokers better serve their customers. R-Broker's modular design allows brokers the flexibility to browse R-Marketplace to choose the specific features that give them their own competitive edge. Integration with R-Quote powers the conversation between the broker and client to help find the right fit for the client’s needs with carriers and MGAs.


A flexible new all-in-one MGA system designed specifically for MGA’s evolving needs. AI assisted self-serve product definition tools supporting automated quoting allow MGAs to quickly set up new products to meet emerging market needs. R-Connect provides communication channels between broker management systems and R-MGA. R-Marketplace provides MGAs with opportunities to customize R-MGA and offer their products to be discovered by brokers seeking specialized insurance needs for their clients.


R-Quote provides specific quote workflows for each stage of a customer’s journey with a broker to find the right insurance policy. Each quote workflow is powered by AI simplifying and accelerating the quoting process. R-Quote connects directly with carriers and MGAs to provide the most up to date product knowledge for brokers to offer to their clients.


R-Connect powers the integration connectivity between carrier, MGA, and broker systems. Connections are modular and flexible which will drive competitive innovation resulting in options offered to partners in R-Marketplace.


A marketplace where Brokers and MGAs can discover and build their specific R-Broker and R-MGA solutions from a list of both Rival provided and Rival certified third-party features. R-Marketplace is our innovation hub that will allow carriers, MGAs, and brokers to discover new ways of working together to support their customers.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about our new Rival Platform products!

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